Missouri Families for Effective Autism Treatment

An organization of parents and professionals throughout Missouri with headquarters in St. Louis. Our mission is to provide advocacy, education, and support for families and the autism community and to support early diagnosis and effective autism treatment.


In the News

Redefining Autism

The fifth and newest edition of psychiatry's diagnostic bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM-5), is due to be published in May 2013. Four years in the making, the DSM-5 has another stab at refining our concept of autism. The process is always closely watched because the guidelines have broad impact: they are used in the United States and many other countries, by clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, researchers and insurance companies to define psychiatric conditions. In this case, controversy surrounds the goal to make the guidelines sensitive enough to diagnose those who have the disorder, and specific enough to exclude those who don't.

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Long-term studies chart autism’s different trajectories

Two new studies that follow the development of children with autism suggest that distinct subgroups of the disorder exist early on and that the severity of symptoms in most of these children remains stable over time.  To learn more, click here >>